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Aku Aarva appointed Executive Director of Urban Energy

25.03.2022 / Last updated 17.03.2023 12:44

Aku Aarva has been appointed Executive Director of the recently established Urban Energy ry. The association launched its operations in 2022 and is working to represent 13 urban energy companies at the national and EU level.

Prior to taking up his new position, Aku Aarva, 36, was serving as Executive Director of Eurooppalainen Suomi ry.  Aarva holds a Master's Degree in Administration from the University of Tampere and a Bachelor's Degree in International Business Administration from Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences.


“It is great to have Aku on board to launch and develop the activities of Urban Energy, as he is someone who has implemented demanding change and development processes during his career to date. He has extensive and diverse experience of organizational and advocacy work in the Finnish NGO sector as well as broad networks among both national and EU-level decision-makers and officials. Under Aku’s leadership, the message of Urban Energy will be heard clearer and stronger in public discussion and debate,” says Jussi Laitinen, Chairman of Urban Energy and Managing Director of Tampereen Sähkölaitos.


The rapid changes that are shaking the energy sector as a whole are particularly evident in cities, where electrification is changing both energy consumption and energy production methods, and thus creating a need for continuous development of energy networks. Urban energy companies play a key role in the development of the energy sector as a whole. This is why the members of Urban Energy are committed to the provision of modern, scalable, and sustainable energy solutions to meet consumer needs in growing cities.


“I am taking an enthusiastic and serious approach to my new role, as the members of Urban Energy are at the heart of the energy transition and are central to resolving many key challenges – from combating climate change through to ensuring security of supply. More than 1,350,000 Finns heat their homes using the heating networks of Urban Energy member companies, and nearly one million Finns get their electricity from these same companies’ electricity networks.


Thanks to the significant investments and technological development work done by urban energy companies, this significant proportion of the Finnish population will in the future be able to use emission-free energy. In this way, Finland is taking a huge stride forward in the fight against climate change. However, achieving this goal requires a predictable and stable investment environment and market-based competition, the promotion of which I see to be among my most important tasks,” says Aku Aarva, Executive Director of Urban Energy.


Urban Energy promotes open and transparent competition that provides consumers with the most cost-efficient and environmentally friendly energy solutions. Its primary objectives are to improve operating conditions for urban energy companies, promote the heating and electricity network business sector, and manage the shift in the operational environment caused by the energy transition.

Further information


Aku Aarva
Executive Director
Urban Energy
+358 41 432 6510

The 13 member companies of Urban Energy are: Alva-yhtiöt Oy, EPV Energia Oy, KSS Energia Oy, Kuopio Energy Ltd, Lahti Energia Oy, Lappeenrannan Energia Oy, Oulun Energia Oy, Pori Energia Oy, Seinäjoen Energia Oy, Tampereen Sähkölaitos Oy, Turku Energia Oy, Vaasan Sähkö Oy ja Vantaan Energia Oy.

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