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Reilu: A happy surprise

Reilu is a carefree and reliable district heating solution at the right price. Reilu guarantees that heating is always available regardless of the time of day. You can easily keep track of your own district heat consumption with our redesigned mobile app.

The Reilu service package includes

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99.98% security of supply

  • The security of supply of Reilu district heating is top-notch—99.98%.
  • The 24/7 fault service guarantees that heating is available regardless of the time of day.
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Stable pricing

  • The price of district heating in Oulu is the cheapest of Finland’s biggest cities.
  • The heat sources are varied and domestic.
  • The total operating cost of district heating for single-family houses is around EUR 140/month.
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Monitor your consumption

  • Monitor your consumption with our redesigned mobile app.
  • Influence your heating bill by making energy efficient choices.
  • Compare your consumption data with other similarly sized control sites in the Oulu region with the annual usage report.

District heating experts to assist you

As a Reilu customer, our experts are always there to help you with questions related to district heating. We offer, among other things, a free consultation visit to buyers of district-heated detached houses, during which we discuss the most important matters related to district heating and heating with the customer.

We monitor the state and production of the district heating network 24/7 to locate potential faults in the district heating network. In addition, we use the remote reading system to monitor the operation and consumption of customer equipment.

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Switching the heating system to district heating led to a decrease in electricity consumption

The Alajoki family decided to switch from wet electric heating to district heating for their detached house, as district heating was the most cost-effective solution in the big picture.

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