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The hand adjusts the switch located on the electrical wall.
The hand adjusts the switch located on the electrical wall in front of him.

Construction site distribution boards

Oulun Energia Sähköverkot don't rent anymore construction site distribution board. In the future construction site distribution board can be rented from construction machinery rental companies in the area.

Renting a distribution board during construction is the easy option. We will take care of delivering, installing, and removing it. A permanent connection will be built at the end of the construction in exchange for a connection contract and fee.

The construction site distribution board is connected to a cable at the border of the property or to the nearest distribution cabinet or substation. Small construction site distribution boards, for example, on a construction site for a detached house, are mounted on a stand. You can find instructions on how to build a stand on our instructions page.

When planning construction, please contact our technical support in a timely manner. We can offer advice on how to carry out the electrification and information on the price of the electricity connection. At the same time, you can ensure a timely supply of electricity.

Technical support

If you have any questions regarding the construction of an electricity connection or the measurement of electricity, please contact our technical support.