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Compensation for power outages

You may be compensated for a power outage if there is a power failure or a long power outage.

The supply of electricity is defective if:

  • the quality of the electricity does not meet Finnish standards, for example, if the voltage varies more than is permitted; or
  • the supply of electricity is continuously or repeatedly interrupted and the outage cannot be considered to be negligible in regard to the cause and circumstances of the outage.

In the event of a power failure, you are entitled to a price reduction of at least 4% of the estimated annual network service rate for your location of use. For interruptions of more than 12 hours, we will automatically pay the standard statutory compensation without a separate application.

You are also entitled to compensation if a defect in the electricity supply has broken your equipment or caused other damage. You can apply for compensation either from us or from your own insurance company, depending on your insurance cover.

Amount of standard compensation

For an outage of more than 12 hours, we will automatically pay the standard statutory compensation without a separate application. The calculation of the interruption time starts when the fault has become known to us either through our monitoring system or from a customer notification. We will automatically refund the compensation in the next electricity invoice, without a separate application.

Interruption time Amount of standard compensation for the annual network service rate
12–24 hours 10%
24–72 hours 25%
72–120 hours 50%
120–192 hours 100%
192–288 hours 150%
More than 288 hours 200%

The amount of the standard compensation is based on the customer's estimated annual network service rates, including taxes (VAT and electricity tax), and the continuous duration of the interruption. In the case of a single interruption, the standard compensation shall not exceed 200% of the annual network service fee or EUR 2,000.

When the same power outage extends over a period of two calendar years, the maximum amount is calculated on the basis of the interruption time for each year.

In compensation matters, we comply with The Electricity Market Act.

Settlement of disagreements

If the standard compensation does not correspond to your conception of the length of the power outage, or if the compensation is not on the next two invoices, please contact our customer service.

If a dispute concerning compensation cannot be resolved by negotiations between the parties, the consumer may refer the matter to the Consumer Disputes Board 

Before taking the matter to the Consumer Disputes Board, the consumer must contact the Consumer Advisory Services