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An animated globe on the left, from which rays of light emanate to space.

The nationwide data exchange system Datahub accelerates the flow of information and improves customer service

In February 2022, a centralized Datahub data exchange system for the retail electricity market was introduced in Finland. The aim of the centralized data exchange system is to clarify and streamline processes and improve customer service.

What are the benefits of Datahub?

Datahub stores information about all of the electricity locations of use in Finland, such as homes, properties, companies and industrial plants, as well as customer, contract, and metering data needed for customer service in the electricity retail market. Approximately 100 electricity providers and 80 distribution network companies use this shared data exchange system.

The centralized data exchange system streamlines processes, simplifies and accelerates the exchange of data between the parties, and stands out to customers as a smoother service. Datahub also enables the development of new types of services and applications, for example, in relation to energy saving or consumption monitoring.

How does the change affect me?

All of the places of electricity use in Finland have a unique identifier that indicates where the electricity is used. With the new unified approach, place of use IDs has changed to new GSRN (Global Service Relationship Number) identifiers. The new identifier facilitates changing providers and unifies processes. The change does not require our customers to take any actions, as the new identifier has been changed to your contract information automatically. You can see the new 18-character place of use ID on your invoice and in our Energy Account service.

Is my data secure?

The development of the Datahub system has focused on the quality of privacy and data security. The data is highly protected and is transmitted securely between authorized parties. In the transmission of information, special attention is paid that only the person or company with the right to the transmitted information can get access to it. All data entered in the system is traceable.

The data stored in the system can be viewed via Datahub's customer service portal. The suomi.fi secure login system will be used to log in to the service. Through the service, an electricity user can also authorize a third party to act on their behalf in Datahub.

Energiatili will continue to serve you

From your Energiatili, you can monitor the consumption data of your own place of use, as well as your contract information for your electricity network service and district heating, district heating and network service invoices, and contact our customer service directly.

You can register as an Energy Account user here

Additional information about Datahub

Datahub is managed by Fingrid Datahub Oy, a subsidiary of Fingrid. More information about Datahub on Fingrid's website.