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 A young person reads a non-fiction book in the library.
 A young person reads a non-fiction book in the library and smiles.

Miljöö Innovation Grant

For Oulun Energia, it is important that future generations can also benefit from our work. That’s why we have set up innovation grant called Miljöö Innovation Grant to support the development of initiatives and projects that improve the living environment.

A better world through ingenuity

Our major goal is to make not only our local environment but also the whole world a better place. Oulun Energia group strives to lead the way in taking care of the natural world, supporting urban development and inspiring responsible and sustainable activities. As part of this, we are also keen to support efforts to develop bright ideas and make a concrete difference in the world. Put simply, we want to support work that does good for the environment and society alike.

Frequently asked questions about Miljöö-innovaatiotuki

Applying for Miljöö Innovation Grant

Application period is open 1.8.-30.9.2023. The applications are treated confidentially by both the panel and the management team.

Instructions for applying

Read the instructions for Miljöö Innovation Grant application.

The project


Is the project already ongoing?

The estimated total cost and financing of the project

How the funding will be allotted (EUR/target)

a) planning/surveys
b) product development
c) investment
d) salaries 
e) marketing
f) other, for what?

Additional information about the project

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