Carbon neutrality at Oulun Energia

In 2020, we clarified our carbon neutrality goal with our new strategy. Our goal is to achieve full carbon neutrality by 2035 in all or part of the energy production we own. As a result, our production activities will no longer emit carbon dioxide, which contributes to global warming, into the atmosphere.

Already at present, the goal of carbon neutrality strongly guides our operations and decision-making. We can achieve carbon neutrality in the energy production we own by following the path to carbon neutrality that we have created.

We are moving towards our goal as follows:

More wood, recycled fuel, and wind

We will increase the utilisation of biofuels, mainly energy wood and recycled fuel. We will reduce the use of peat at a relatively quick pace until we no longer use it at all. We will increase the utilisation of renewable energy sources, such as wind. We will support the transition of peat entrepreneurs to energy wood suppliers.

A key factor in achieving our carbon neutrality goal is the Oulun Energia Laanila biopower plant, which started its operations at the end of 2020. The main fuel of the new plant is wood, but it also utilises good-quality recycled fuel. Wood is a renewable energy source. A large part of the recycled fuel is also renewable, such as wood waste and fibres. Peat is also used to ensure the security of supply. Its use will gradually decrease, and it will eventually be removed from our fuel options.

Recycled fuel is delivered to the plant by Oulu Energy’s Rusko waste sorting plant, which was completed in autumn 2020. The share of wood in Oulu Energy’s Toppila power plant will also be increased as much as is technically possible.

Improved energy efficiency

In our own operations, we strive for even better energy efficiency. Practical means include the careful recovery and utilisation of the heat from the flue gases of the Laanila biopower plant, along with the possibility offered by the plant to effectively regulate the production of electricity and heat in the most suitable way at any given time.

As a source of district heat, we aim to utilise waste heat generated by customers, for example. In the transmission of district heat, heat loss is reduced by means of digitalisation.

More efficient carbon sequestration

Forest fertiliser is processed from the ash generated at the Toppila power plant. Ash fertilisation is used to return the nutrients in the ash produced from the burning of energy wood back to the forest. This significantly accelerates the growth of trees and thus increases their ability to absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. At the same time, the sustainability and profitability of forestry in the region will improve.

Oulun Energia’s path to carbon neutrality

Oulun Energia has created a path towards achieving carbon neutrality in the energy production we own: 

Oulun Energia’s path to carbon neutrality