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OE360 makes energy management easier for your company

Energy management and responsibility reporting service OE360 helps with monitoring and optimising energy consumption in properties. The service automates energy consumption and monitoring data, which leaves you time to focus on reaching energy consumption targets instead of collecting consumption data manually.

In addition to monitoring heat, electricity and water consumption, the OE360 service package can include a choice of different extra services such as road fuel and waste reporting and analysis as well as the measurement of indoor air conditions. Monitoring energy consumption is useful to help cut property costs and emissions, and applies to each stage in the lifecycle of a property.  

Benefits of the OE360 service

Keep up to date with the energy consumption in your property

  • The OE360 system conveniently brings together energy consumption, cost and emissions data in one place as a clear report.
  • The information obtained from the report reveals any energy guzzlers, makes it easier to plan energy efficiency measures and frees up time to implement the measures.

Lower your property’s carbon footprint

  • Save the environment and money – the OE360 service allows you to see the amount of emissions arising and energy costs.
  • Optimising energy consumption lowers energy costs and so creates fewer emissions.

Make your monthly reporting easier

  • The service automates routine work, streamlines operations and saves time.
  • Up-to-date information is useful when planning the optimisation of costs, investments and energy consumption.
  • Helps to forecast costs and draw up a budget based on consumption and cost data.
Mestari OE360-service.

Mestari: for active energy management

Mestari includes diverse tools for monitoring alerts, managing measures and consumption comments and target setting and monitoring.

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Mestari includes

Päällikkö OE360-service.

Päällikkö: for professional responsibility work

Päällikkö includes more extensive energy management tools and a possibility for fuel and waste reporting and analysis

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Päällikkö includes all the features of the Mestari level in addition to the following

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