Connecting to district heating

With the help of a professional designer and contractor, connecting to district heating is easy. Learn more about how to do this and please contact us if you need any further information.

Who can connect to district heating

Households and companies in Oulu's central urban area, Haukipudas, Kiiminki, and Oulunsalo can become Oulun Energia's district heating customers.

Almost all properties in newly constructed areas can be connected to district heating. In previously built areas, we always review the conditions for connecting to district heating on a case-by-case basis.

You can use the heating network area map to see if the district heating network covers your area and if there is a district heating line nearby.

Order a district heating connection!

By filling in the property information form, you can order a district heating connection from us

Fill in the property information form

In order to obtain district heating:

  1. Request a district heating connection quotation. You can also request a quotation for a heating substation from us at the same time. We will contact you within 1–2 business days.
  2. Hire a professional HVAC designer. At this stage, it is important to remember that it is sensible to connect the air input of air conditioners and the underfloor heating of bathrooms to district heating.
  3. Request a connection to district heating by filling in the property information form well in advance, no less than two months before the desired activation of heat supply.
  4. Hire a professional HVAC contractor for the installation of the heating substation or order a turnkey service from us. We recommend using a contractor who has completed the district heating supervisor certification (“kaukolämpötyönjohtajan pätevyyskoulutus,” KKL).
  5. Ask your HVAC designer to submit the heating plans to The documents to be submitted are a PDF file of the schematics with dimensioning tables, as well as PDF and DWG files of the site and floor plans. Please refer to our design and construction instructions.
  6. Order a connecting pipe from us no less than one week before filling the inside of the foundations with sand.
  7. We will contact you well in advance of the agreed construction time of the district heating connection.
  8. You will receive a heating supply contract to sign once the heating plans have been approved and the heat supply date has been confirmed.
  9. We will conduct a pressure test and inspection before district heating can be activated. Ask your HVAC contractor to order the inspection. We will then install the district heat meter without a separate order.
  10. After connecting, you can monitor your own heat consumption through your Energy Account.
  11. Ask your HVAC contractor for guidance of how to use your district heating equipment. We can also provide you with instructions and guidance.
  12. We are responsible for the quality and metering of the heat supply and will take care of your equipment while you are a customer with us. Our Heating Guarantee can provide additional security for your heating.

Selecting a heating contractor

We recommend choosing an HVAC contractor with the district heating supervisor certification (KKL) granted by the Finnish HVAC Association. The degree is granted to contractors, and the individual who has completed it can act as the company's representative for district heating work. You can also request a quotation for the installation of a heating substation from us.

The qualification training is divided into two competence levels. Competence level A covers all district heating properties, whereas competence level B covers detached houses connected to district heating.

Competence level A: The training is intended for contractors responsible for the design and installation of heating substations in all buildings. The aim is to provide the necessary information on the design, installation, and dimensioning of locations, as well as providing customer orientation. The training mostly features the content of Finnish Energy publication K1 (District heating of buildings: Regulations and guidelines). The focus of the training is on the design and dimensioning of heating substations.

Competence level B: The training is intended for installers of heating substations in detached houses. The training mostly features the content of Finnish Energy publication K1 (District heating of buildings: Regulations and guidelines). The objective is to apply the guidelines of ordering and installing district heating substations to detached houses. The focus of the training is on reinforcing regulations, dimensioning, and connections, as well as on establishing the collaboration, quality assurance, and monitoring procedures that take place with the district heating supplier.