Carbon-neutral district heating

Carbon-neutral district heating is available for all Oulun Energia's district heating customers. You can add this additional service to your existing district heating plan or order it when placing a new order for district heating. You can also request a certificate of your choice.

Carbon-neutral district heating

  • You can choose for your district heating supplied by Oulun Energia to be carbon-neutral.
  • By choosing carbon-neutral district heating, you ensure that your district heating is produced entirely with renewable or comparable energy sources
  • Carbon-neutral district heating can only be provided to customers to the extent that district heating produced by renewable or similar heat sources is available

How do I know the district heat I buy is carbon-neutral?

Oulun Energia is constantly monitoring the fuels used in the production of district heating and the carbon dioxide emissions its production causes. The district heating used by our customers who purchase the carbon-neutral district heating service is produced entirely with renewable energy sources and waste heat. These energy sources include wood-based fuels and recovered waste heat, for example.

An external and independent auditor annually reviews the total amount of carbon-neutral district heating supplementary services that Oulun Energia has sold to its customers and compares it to the amount of district heating Oulun Energia has produced with renewable or comparable energy sources. When requested, Oulun Energia provides its customers with certificates of the carbon-neutral production of district heating consumed at the customer's location.

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