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Stages of electrification for a builder of a single-family house

This guide provides you with step-by-step instructions for electrifying a detached house. If need be, you can always contact our technical support.

1. Find out your electrification needs

Make a preliminary plan for your electrification needs and heating system. If necessary, contact technical support for advice on how to carry out the electrification and for information on the price of the electricity connection. At the same time, you can ensure a timely supply of electricity.

2. Electrical plan

Start drawing up an electrical plan as soon as you have the building permit documents required for construction. Select an electrical designer, heating system, and method of using electricity. Your electrical designer will determine your power needs, meaning the size of the connection. Check out our network service products. At the same time, it is worth considering other systems planned for the property, such as telecommunications, water, and sewerage networks.

Use a professional designer to make an electrical plan, after which you can request a contract quote from several electrical contractors for electrical installations. Select an electrical contractor approved by the Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (Tukes) to be responsible for the electrical work and installations on the property. You can search for electrical contractors from the operator register administered by Tukes. Sign a written contract with the contractor.

3. Electricity for the construction site

An assembly for a construction site (ACS) is an EN 61439-4 standard switchgear. An ACS can be equipped with its own fixed stand or mountable, in which case it needs a separate ACS rack (Figure 1). ACS’s can be rented from construction machinery rental companies in the area. An electricity metre from Oulun Energian Sähköverkko must be installed in the ACS. An activation fee in accordance with the price list is charged for the connection of the ACS.

An alternative to the assembly for a construction site is an outdoor metering centre, or a so-called property distribution board, which is installed in its final location with a single installation. The property distribution board has sockets that can be used for electricity at the construction site. Property distribution boards are supplied by electrical contractors.

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4. The electricity distribution contract and sale of electricity contract

The supply of electricity is subject to signing a written electricity distribution contract between the customer and the distribution network operator. Once the main fuse size has been determined, request a quote and order an electricity connection by filling in the distribution contract well in advance of the need for electricity. A drawing of the substation and a diagram of the switchboard are required attachments to the contract, and can be provided when ordering the electricity connection or can be delivered later by the electrical contractor. The connection fee does not include the connection cable for property and is the responsibility of the subscriber. The electricity connection can be ordered from our website. Return the contract signed. If you notice any need for corrections in the contract, please contact our technical support.

Sign a sale of electricity contract with the electricity provider of your choice. In addition to the distribution contract, the connection of electricity requires both an electricity distribution contract and a sale of electricity contract. Enter into a sale of electricity contract with the electricity provider of your choice two weeks before connecting the electricity. Your electricity provider will notify the network companies of the contract. At the same time, you will also automatically enter into a network service contract with Oulun Energia Sähköverkko Oy.

5. Ground electrode

According to the electrical safety regulations, a separate ground electrode must be installed for a building to be connected to the electricity network. The cross-section of the ground electrode must be at least 16 mm2 Cu. Preferably, the ground electrode is placed in the concrete of the foundation of the building or embedded in the ground under the foundation (Figure 2). If this is not possible, the ground electrode can be installed in the ground next to the foundation or by using other standard approved secondary installation methods.

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6. Protection of the connection cable

The connection cable is usually installed with an underground cable. Before laying the foundation and casting the slab, the main routes must be protected with tubes. Cable ducts are dug from the end of the cable to the border of the property where the connection cables (electricity, antenna, telephone) are engaged. The activation of the connection cable is included in the connection fee.

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7. Connecting to the electricity network

Upon completion of the electrical installation works, the electrical contractor will order the connection to the electricity network and metering using the general information form from the distribution network operator. The general information sheet also functions as a commissioning inspection form, with which the electrical contractor declares that the electrical installations that they have installed can be safely connected to the electricity network. The electrical contractor must check the condition of the installations in accordance with the regulations before relinquishing them to the customer. A commissioning inspection report must be drawn up for these inspections, a copy of which must be given to the customer. The commissioning inspection is required by law.

Your electrical contractor will order the activation of the connection from Oulun Energia Sähköverkko Oy, and we will connect it to the electricity network when all matters and contracts related to the connection are in order.

8. Operating guidance and instructions for the use of electrical equipment

According to electrical safety regulations, operating guidance and instructions for the use of electrical equipment must be provided to the customer. You should request the electric heating control switches and instructions for using the water heater from your electrical contractor. The automatic circuit breakers of the switchboard must be marked. Store the electrical drawings and installation and operating instructions carefully for future reference.

Get to know the instructions for the use of remotely readable electricity meters. You can monitor your electricity consumption from your Energy Account once your meter is in the system.

9. Electricity connection

Talk to your electrical designer about the network service product you want. You can indicate your preferred network service product with your subscription or change it later when the location of use is already in operation. We are responsible for the quality and metering of electricity supply during our entire customer relationship.


Technical support

If you have any questions regarding the construction of an electricity connection or the measurement of electricity, please contact our technical support.