Identify a life-threatening open neutral

Open neutral—Identify a life-threatening situation and take the correct actions

A so-called open neutral may occur in a damaged electrical power network, which could result in a life-threatening situation. In an open neutral, the neutral wire breaks and can cause the voltage to rise from 230 volts to 400 volts. This may break the electrical appliances in your home. The fault may also cause a fire hazard if the electric current tries to discharge through the building's structures.

You can recognise an open neutral from these signs:

If you suspect an open neutral

Proactive maintenance helps to prevent dangerous situations

The electrical installations and equipment of properties require maintenance and upkeep. In order to prevent dangerous situations, it is advisable to get an electrician to periodically check the condition of the distribution panel. This allows any detected faults and deficiencies to be repaired quickly enough. 

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