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Alterations to district heating connections

Alterations to district heating connections may be necessary if a property is sold or use of heating is terminated completely. The heat contract may be transferred to a new owner or terminated either temporarily or permanently.

1. The heating contract is transferred to a new owner

Include the transfer of the heating contract in the deed of sale

The district heating connection is considered movable property. Therefore, a heating contract will not be automatically transferred to a new owner in a sale of real estate. For this reason we need a written statement of the sale from both parties.

The transfer can be recorded in the deed of sale as follows: “With this deed of sale, the Sellers transfers their rights of the heating contract with Oulun Energia to the Buyers without any compensation. The Sellers declare that they have made all payments due for the period that the contract has been in their name. The Buyers agree to notify Oulun Energia of the transfer of the heating contract.”

Report the transfer to Oulun Energia

2. The district heating connection will be temporarily terminated

If a building with district heating is demolished and a new building that will also use district heating is built in its place, the old connection can be temporarily terminated during construction. For this period of time, we will  only charge a fixed fee.

To connect the new building, we will charge the costs of construction. We will charge an additional fee if the capacity of the subscription needs to be increased. 

3. The use of district heating ceases 

If a property no longer uses district heating and there is no need for heating at a later time, you can terminate the district heating connection in accordance with the contractual terms and conditions.