Power network services

Our network operator, Oulun Energia Siirto ja Jakelu Oy, is in charge of the power network and the distribution of electricity to more than 100,000 customers connected to the company´s own network – safely and reliably every day of the year.

Our services include network administration, power transmission and distribution, metering, providing of metering data to electricity suppliers and technical support services. In addition to the Oulu city area we provide power network connections in Kiiminki and Yli-Ii.


Connections and metering

We provide power network connections and metering services to all properties located in the Oulu city area, Kiiminki and Yli-Ii.

Our distribution district

We are in charge of distribution of electricity in the city of Oulu and in the nearby areas of Kiiminki and Yli-Ii.