Pricing of district heating

The use charges for district heating consist of the energy charge and the basic charge, which is tied to the contracted water flow. The amount of the energy charge depends on the fuels used and the variable costs in heat procurement. The basic charge covers mainly the fixed costs of heat procurement and customer service.

We make heating contracts with housing co-operatives or other house owners. The heating costs are divided between residents, usually according to living space. If you live in an apartment or terrace house your heating costs typically includes in maintence charge or rent.

Our pricing system divides into:

  • connection fee
  • basic charge
  • energy charge

The customer pays a connection fee for joining the district heating network. The fee varies according to location and the size of the house.

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Unfortunately prices of district heating are only available in Finnish. See kaukolämpöhinnasto for prices in Finnish. You can also send us an email to for more information about our pricing.