District heating checklist

  • Keep the heat distribution room clean and monitor the equipment as specified in the operating manuals.
  • If the system does not function or if you suspect a leak in the heat exchanger, contact our district heating emergency hotline immediately.
  • A text message/e-mail service that provides information on planned service interruptions in your area is available free of charge via Energiatili -energy account.
  • Keep the shut-off valves of the pressure meters closed. They should only be opened when the pressure is checked.
  • The district heat supplier and the customer have a clear distribution of maintenance responsibilities in the heat distribution room. The responsibilities of the heat supplier include the mud trap, the energy meter and primary side shut-off valves. The responsibilities of the customer include other equipment and the local heat distribution network.
  • For new district heat systems we recommend a condition survey to be conducted after the first year of operation. For systems 10 years old or older we recommend a complete condition survey to be performed every five years. Condition survey is also recommended when buying and selling properties. It is an easy way of getting peace of mind and knowing your heating systems works right.
  • In housing companies the responsibility for maintaining the heat distribution systems is usually assigned to the property maintenance company. If the services of a property maintenance company are not used, the housing company appoints a person to take care of the heating system and be the point of contact between the housing company and the district heat supplier.