The reliable and efficient district heating solution

The Pohjoista voimaa Lämpöä (‘Warmth’) service package gives you a comprehensive view of the current condition of your district heating system and makes sure it works reliably and efficiently in all situations. A properly adjusted and correctly operated heat distribution system produces uniform temperature for all rooms, supplies domestic hot water reliably and keeps your energy bill under control.

Select from a range of services tailored for homes and businesses – from condition surveys and inspections to energy consumption analyses, calculation services and anti-freezing systems.

Let our experienced specialists analyse your situation and help you choose the services that are best for you. Interested? Sen us an email to myynti@oulunenergia.fi.

Services for every need

  • Heating system health surveys for housing companies and detached houses
  • Heat distribution system inspections
  • Deployment inspections and information services
  • Calculation services, including heating cost comparisons
  • Anti-freezing systems
  • Annual check-ups and precautions at the beginning of the heating season
  • District heating reporting and analysis services

Our Lämpöä services help you achieve:

  • Predictable, controlled heating costs
    Tracking and analysis of your energy consumption, knowing the current condition of your heat distribution system and concrete service and repair plans make sure your heating costs stay under control and are predictable – also in our freezing wintertime temperatures. Our professionals can also help you carry out the actions outlined in the plans.
  • Longer service life for your heat distribution system
    Regular maintenance and correct adjustments make your heat distribution system last longer. Big investments can be postponed and repair costs are reduced. A well-serviced, properly adjusted system is energy-efficient and safe, and will work reliably for decades.

Heating system health surveys help you save money and avoid surprises

The temperature difference between hot water coming to and leaving the heat distribution system of your property is called the cooling rate. The higher the cooling rate is, the more efficient your heat distribution system is. During the heating season, the cooling rate should be somewhere between 40 and 60°C. If it is less than 25°C or has changed considerably from the previous values, your heat distribution system should be checked.

Our health check service includes testing the heat exchanger for leaks, testing the heat distributing module, measuring the water flow, and giving advice. We check and adjust your system for optimal operation. Since the cooling rate has direct impact on the water flow rate and therefore your base cost, improving your property's cooling rate reduces your heating costs. Checking the system regularly also ensures you get uniform, comfortable temperature in all parts of your property.