Energy reporting and analysis services

The Pohjoista Voimaa Tehoa (‘Power’) services collect real-time data about your company's power consumption. Careful analysis of your electricity consumption may help you identify factors that can be addressed to reduce your property's power consumption. You get a concrete action plan that helps you use energy more efficiently, save money and reduce the environmental impact of your activities.

The Tehoa service package includes solutions for tracking your energy use, a comprehensive survey of your use of energy, concrete action plans, and optimisation of your main fuse rating and network tariff. The services adapt to your changing needs, and you can select from a range of service options.

Let our experienced specialists analyse your situation and help you choose the services that are best for you. Interested? Sen us an email to myynti@oulunenergia.fi.

Services for every need

  • Comprehensive energy usage surveys
  • Implementation of corrective actions
  • Action plans
  • Monitoring services
  • Usage reporting
  • Identifying items for further development
  • Optimising your main fuse rating
  • Optimising your network tariff

Our Tehoa services help you ensure:

  • Proactive identification of problems
    Being able to use energy efficiently and identify problems in advance depends on knowing how you use electricity now. Tracking your energy consumption on an hourly, monthly and annual basis helps you identify factors, such as potential leaks, that may increase your property's energy consumption.
  • Concrete actions for improving energy efficiency
    As part of Tehoa services, you receive a comprehensive action plan that helps you improve your energy efficiency. The plan outlines a number of action points that are affordable and can be implemented quickly, such as changing your usage patterns and system settings, and optimising your energy use. We also identify potential savings that can be achieved by updating your lighting solutions and by increasing your use of renewable sources of energy.
  • Cost savings
    Well-planned power sourcing, up-to-date understanding of how you use electricity and detailed analysis of your power consumption create cost savings and make your power costs more predictable.

Comprehensive energy usage survey

A comprehensive analysis of how you use electricity forms a solid foundation for making your energy use more efficient. We produce a report of your current energy use based on existing consumption data, identify potential items for development and make suggestions about corrective actions.

The energy usage survey includes data on your current power use and consumption levels, optimisation of your main fuse rating and network tariff, checking of your electricity tax category, and data on all deviations from your usual energy use patterns. You receive a list of concrete actions that may help you achieve savings and an estimated list of investments required to complete the actions.