Predictable, cost-effective electricity

The Pohjoista Voimaa Salkku (‘Portfolio’) is a comprehensive electricity sourcing solution that reduces financial risks related to the electricity market and helps you save money. The Salkku services are especially useful for companies working in electricity-intensive sectors and wanting to improve the predictability of their electricity costs.

Our expert services cover all aspects of electricity sourcing, such as portfolio management, protected power sourcing plans, electricity market reviews and up-to-date reporting services. As our portfolio customer you have a personal portfolio manager who actively follows the electricity market and makes electricity sourcing recommendations.

The Salkku services adapt to your changing needs. You can select from a wide range of service options. Let our experienced specialists analyse your situation and help you choose the services that are best for you. Interested? Sen us an email to myynti@oulunenergia.fi.

Services for every need

  • Electricity portfolio
  • Electricity market training
  • Electricity tax categories
  • Choosing the supplier
  • Price tracking
  • Protected power sourcing
  • Electricity market reviews

Our Salkku services help you to:

  • Improve risk management
    Electricity prices of corporate customers and organisations are determined in the Nordic Power Pool, where price fluctuations can be considerable. By distributing power sourcing over time you can react to price fluctuations efficiently, turn hours of low demand to your advantage and improve your risk management.
  • Predictable power costs
    A long term electricity sourcing plan makes costs more predictable since you do not need to renew your only electricity contract on a certain date and expose yourself to unpredictable price changes. Your personal portfolio manager helps you schedule your power sourcing to periods of low prices based on monthly cost forecast reports.

Electricity portfolio

The electricity portfolio is ideal for companies and organisations who need to make their power costs more predictable and spread out the market risk. We provide your company with a power sourcing model that sets you free from prices cemented for the entire term of contract, which is the norm in traditional electricity contracts. Depending on the power sourcing model you choose, your personal portfolio manager makes recommendations for spreading your power sourcing over time. 

The electricity portfolio also makes it possible to use full or partial spot purchasing in situations where fixing the entire power demand is not desirable. Monthly reports keep you up to date on fixed-term power sourcing contracts, protection levels, monthly price forecasts and market reviews.