Maintenance-free lighting solutions and professional services from planning to maintenance

The Pohjoista Voimaa Valoa (‘Illumination’) services provide cost-effective, time-saving solutions for lighting and traffic light applications. The Valoa range of services includes stocktaking, analysis and documentation of your current systems, as well as building and construction services and planning of new systems. The result is a maintenance-free, energy-efficient lighting solution that lasts for decades.

The Valoa services are flexible and can easily be adapted to the needs of housing companies, businesses and organisations. You can select from a range of services and options.

Let our experienced specialists analyse your situation and help you choose the services that are best for you. Interested? Sen us an email to

Services for every need

  • Condition surveys and action plans
  • Construction and maintenance of street lights and exterior lighting
  • Traffic light solutions
  • Stocktaking / inventory services
  • Control system overhauls
  • Analysis and documentation services
  • Maintenance programs

Our Valoa services help you with:

  • Energy-efficient lighting solutions
    We build energy-efficient, maintenance-free lighting solutions that last for decades. Compared to traditional lighting solutions, new LED lighting fixtures may save up to 50% in energy costs. Further savings can be achieved using night-time dimming and smart control systems.
  • Small initial investment
    The Valoa services are available at a monthly rate – no large one-time investments are required. We take care of the maintenance and repair of your lighting system during the entire term of contract.
  • Flexible services for planning and implementation stages
    The Valoa services enable you to plan and implement extensive lighting projects quickly and easily. Up-to-date inventories, system analyses and documentation form a solid foundation for tender processes and make it easier to plan repair investments and allocate resources for the critical points of the system.

Inventory services analyse your current systems

Regulations will soon require lighting solutions to be more energy-efficient. Selling of bulbs with poor energy performance will be prohibited in 2015, meaning that high pressure sodium and mercury vapour lamps commonly used in exterior lighting solutions will no longer be available. Many lighting systems will have be modernised over the next few years.

Before commissioning new lighting solutions it is advisable to make an inventory of your current systems. This gives you a solid foundation for planning the new systems and phasing out mercury-based solutions. Taking stock of your current lighting systems gives you up-to-date data about your lighting systems, such as the number of lighting fixtures and poles, lamp types and installation methods (height, mounting method, pole spacing, etc.). Our inventory services are always tailored to your needs.