Smart energy services

Smart energy services are Oulun Energia's answer to everyone looking for competitive, uncomplicated and sustainable energy solutions – produced with 128 years of experience. Smart energy services mean getting more for your money and worrying less.

You are supported by our team of experienced specialists who help you achieve real savings, make situations more predictable and minimise your energy-related risks in a cost-effective way.

See what our line-up of smart energy services can offer you. Sen us an email to or call us at +358 (0)8 5584 3101.

The reliable and efficient district heating solution

Make sure your heating costs are predictable and stay in line.

Maintenance-free lighting solutions

Save time and money by modernising your street lights and exterior lighting solutions.

Energy reporting and analysis services

Improve your energy efficiency using concrete action plans created by our specialists.

Predictable, cost-effective electricity

More predictability, fewer surprises.

Switchgears, substations and transformers from design to service

Take business risks and electrical safety under control.

Storm response, helpdesk and builder services

Improve your knowhow and make sure your power stays on in all circumstances.

Improve your energy independence by becoming a producer.