Electricity contracts

Oulun Sähkönmyynti Oy joins Oomi Oy in 1.4.! Oomi offers electricity contracts, solar panel solutions and different solutions for charging electric cars. You can read more at oomi.fi (in Finnish).

Are you already a customer? Don’t worry, the change does not require any action from you. Your contract will continue unchanged. Same familiar salespersons and customer service professionals will help you in the future.

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A Northern Power electricity contract is a profitable choice for your and your company. In addition to electricity, you get the support of a professional team who helps you achieve real savings easily, make life more predictable even in challenging market situations and minimise unnecessary energy risks in a cost-effective way.

The electricity we provide is produced using raw materials from Northern Finland and Oulun Energia's 130 years of experience. Our energy production facilities create jobs and bring prosperity to the Oulu region. They also guarantee the availability of affordable, sustainable local electricity to our customers everywhere in Finland. In addition to our own energy production we are partners in co-owned production companies and purchase electricity from the Nordic electricity pool as required.

Green electricity

Our services also enable you to choose environmentally friendly green electricity for your company and decide the proportion of green electricity of your total energy consumption. Green power and wind power are Finnish, renewable, zero CO2 energy sources.

Five good reasons to choose green electricity

  • Your company's electricity consumption produces no calculated carbon dioxide emissions.
  • You influence how electricity is produced in Finland today and in the future.
  • You communicate your company's values and responsibility to your customers.
  • You support Finnish work and create jobs.
  • You support environmental work through your environmental account.