Moving house?

Congratulations for your new home! We provide electricity contracts everywhere in Finland. Make sure the lights stay on by making an electricity contract for your new home two weeks before moving in. 

Submit a notification


  • Notify us of moving in/out two weeks before you move in Energiatili or contacting our customer service. If you forgot to do this and you have less than five days left before moving in/out, call our customer service at +358 8 5584 3100 as soon as possible. Our telephone customer service is open from Monday to Friday from 8 to 6 pm, and on Friday from 8 to 4 pm.
  • Network companies are obliged to cut off power supply of apartments without a valid electricity contract. In the worst case your apartment may have no electricity when you move in. If the power has been cut, it can usually be restored during the next working day after you have made an electricity contract. Restoring the power to the apartment faster than this is subject to a separate charge.
  • Remember that electricity contracts cannot be made or terminated retrospectively.
  • Also, don't forget to terminate the electricity contract of your previous home. Otherwise you may end up paying for electricity used by the new occupant. The earliest date you can terminate your electricity contract is the last day you intend to use electricity in your old home. Electricity may be cut off immediately the day after your contract has ended.
  • You can have two electricity contracts simultaneously – in your old and new home, for example. You might, for example, live in your old home while your new home is being renovated.
  • When buying or selling properties bear in mind that electricity and district heat contracts are considered movable assets and are not automatically transferred to the new owner. In case the contracts are transferred, mention of this should be made in the contract of sale. Let us know of any transfers of Oulun Energia's district heat contracts or Oulun Energia Siirto and Jakelu's electricity contracts as soon as possible to transfer the contracts to your name.

Also remember to:

  • Notify the register office and the post office no later than one week from moving. This is easiest to do using the web page at Also sign up for redirection of mail that may still be sent to your old address. On this website you can also check which organisations your new address is automatically updated to via the post office and the Population Register Centre.
  • If your new home is in a housing company, send a notice of moving in to the property manager and the property maintenance service.
  • If you move into a detached house, make sure your water and waste management contracts are up to date.
  • Let your bank and insurance company know your new address. Transfer your home insurance to your new address.
  • Transfer your telephone and internet connections to your new address. Don't forget to update your newspaper and magazine subscriptions.