Energy consulting

Our energy consulting services help you plan your energy use and save both energy and money free of charge.

By making informed choices you can reduce your electricity and heating bills without compromising the comfort of your home or giving up any modern conveniences. According to studies, families living in apartments of same size and type use energy in very different ways. Everyday habits, family size and personal preference matter.

Our energy consulting service helps you plan your energy use and save both energy and money. By making the right energy choices you do your share in taking care of your environment and ensuring the availability of energy also in the future.

Our energy consulting services provide you information and advice in matters including the following:

  • Selection of heating method and adjustment of heating systems
  • How to save energy in your home
  • Building and renovation advice
  • Making energy-efficient choices

Energy account tracks your energy usage

Knowing how you use energy is key to cutting energy costs. You can track your own energy usage down to the hour via your energy account Energiatili. You can see, for example, how your sauna impacts your overall energy usage.

Adjusting your habits is easier if you have accurate information available. Tracking your own energy use also makes it easier to detect defective electric appliances. A malfunctioning appliance or a device accidentally left on may cause a consumption peak.

Power consumption meters available

The reporting service available via the energy account tracks your total consumption of energy, but it cannot be used to analyse the power consumed by individual appliances. The power consumption meter is an easy-to-use aid that meters the electricity used by an individual appliance connected to a wall plug.

You can use the results to check, for example, whether your freezer or refrigerator is in need of service or should be replaced. The power consumption meter cannot, however, be used to meter the electricity used by a stove or a sauna.

You can borrow a power consumption meter free of charge from our technical advisory service.