Spot prices

The price of spot electricity contracts consists of the basic charge, the seller's margin and the energy price. The hourly energy price is Finland's area price in Nord Pool, the Nordic electricity pool, plus the seller's margin.

You can view upcoming spot prices easily using Pohjoista voimaa mobile application. You can also track the prices via the Fingrid and Nord Pool Spot websites. Please note that Nord Pool's time zone is Central European Time (CET), which is one hour behind Finnish time.

Pohjoista voimaa mobile application

You can use our Pohjoista voimaa application (in Finnish) to monitor electricity prices and schedule your own energy use outside the more expensive peak hours. The application shows the hourly Nord Pool Spot Elspot price data on your mobile telephone.

You can configure the application to alarm when electricity price is lower or higher than your specified price limit. You can also view the hourly prices for the current day and the next day. Download the free application.

Monitor your own energy consumption

You can track your own energy use using the reporting tools available via your energy account Energiatili at (in Finnish), via Pohjoista voimaa application or using your local network company's online reporting tools, if available.