Electricity prices

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The selling price of electricity consists of a consumption-based energy charge (c/kWh) and a fixed basic charge (€/month). Various contract types are available; some follow the current market price closely, while fixed-price contracts have longer pricing period and less fluctuation.

In spot contracts the price of electricity is determined in the Nord Pool, the Nordic electricity pool. You can read more about spot prices of electricity here. Selling prices include VAT 24%, but no transfer (network) costs or energy tax. These are invoiced by your local network company. The prices are for Finland for sites with main fuse rating of 3 x 63 A or less.

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The complete price list is available in Finnish. See Tee sähkösopimus for prices in Finnish. Our customer service helps you select the best electricity contract for your needs. E-mail us at osm@pohjoistavoimaa.fi for more information about our pricing and contract alternatives.