Senior Contract

Seniorisähkö (Senior Contract) is a safe 24-month fixed-term contract where the price of electricity remains the same during the whole agreement period. Our discount for senior customers is 50% of the basic charge during the entire contract term.

We give the senior discount to all new 24-month fixed-term Senior Contracts. You will receive a new offer in good time before the end of the agreement period. You can choose whether you want to renew the contract or change it to an open-ended quarterly contract.

Exchange security also -50 %

By adding exchange security to your 24-month fixed-term contract you can negotiate a new 24-month fixed-term contract with us in case the price of electricity falls during your contract period. By choosing Senior Contract, you'll also get the exchange security with 50 % senior discount! In case you decide to renew your contract under exchange security, the remaining monthly installments (if monthly payment is used) of price protection will be charged on your next invoice.

Choose Senior Contract and you will get

  • Senior discount. You will get 50 % discount of the basic charge and exchange security. Exchange security is optional.
  • Customer benefits. As a Northern Power customer you get numerous benefits that help you save money.
  • Customer service around the clock. You can manage your own energy matters regardles of time of the day at the Energy account Energiatili.
  • Free energy consulting. Our energy consulting services help you plan your energy use and save both energy and money free of charge.
  • Customer magazine Sulake two times a year.

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