Green Power

Natural renewable energy from Finland

Vihreävirta (Green Power) is the choice of an aware consumer, since it is produced by using renewable sources of energy in Finland. You have a freedom to decide how your electricity is produced: select wood-based fuels and hydroelectric power, wind power or solar power!

Vihreävirta electricity is produced at the Merikoski, Kolsi, Koivukoski, Korkeakoski, Myllykoski and Vuolenkoski hydro power plants and at the Toppila power plant using wood-based fuels in a combined heat and power generation process.

If you choose wind power as the way of production, the electricity of the contract is produced in the wind farms located in Röyttä (Tornio), Torkkala (Vaasa), and Santavuori (Ilmajoki) among other locations.

Vihreävirta solar power is generated in our solar power plant in Toppila, and by small solar power plants which choose to sell their surplus electricity.

Electricity from renewable sources

  • Renewable. 100% of the green power you use has been produced using renewable sources of energy.
  • Flexible. You have a freedom to decide how your Vihreävirta electricity is produced.
  • CO2 neutral. Electricity produced using hydroelectric generation causes no carbon dioxide emissions, while the carbon dioxide emissions of electricity generated using wood-based fuels are neutralised by the natural growth of the forests.
  • Environmentally friendly. Each kilowatt-hour you buy contributes to the environmental effort through the environment account.
  • Guaranteed green. The metering, calculation and tracking procedures used in the production and sourcing of Oulun Energia's green power are certified by Inspecta Sertifiointi Oy.
  • Key Flag certified. Key Flag certification is proof that Vihreävirta electricity is of Finnish origin. By purchasing a Key Flag product, you are making a good choice that benefits both you and the entire country. Read more about the Key Flag at

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