Electricity for homes

A Northern Power electricity contract gives you affordable energy and a comprehensive package of services. See our range of products and select the contract that best fits your requirements. You can also become an energy producer using our high quality solar power solutions available as turnkey deliveries. Northern Power is available for homes, summer houses and small companies everywhere in Finland.

Electricity contracts for homes

Northern Power electricity contracts give you the freedom to choose how the electricity you use is produced and what pricing scheme you use.

Install your own solar power system

Producing electricity for your own needs using solar panels is an investment that improves the energy efficiency of your home in an environmentally friendly way.
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Our customers get more benefits

As a Northern Power customer you get more benefits. Read on for more.
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Electricity prices

Various contract types are available; some follow the current market price of electricity closely, while fixed-price contracts have longer pricing periods and less fluctuation.