Impact on the environment

The principal environmental impacts of energy production are waste and emissions to air and water. Supplying of fuels may also have impact on nature's biodiversity.

We constantly work to protect the environment using means such as investing in the use of renewable, low-carbon sources of energy, increasing energy and material efficiency and increasing the utilisation ratio of ash and waste. We also train our personnel to monitor and comply with emission limits without exceptions.

Permits and monitoring

Our energy production complies with all permit regulations and monitoring obligations.

Controlling of emissions to air and water

Emissions to air are reduced and protection of waterways is improved by using new technical solutions.

Biodiversity of nature

We take the biodiversity of nature into account in our fuel supplying operations and in the restoration of peat production areas.

Ash and waste

All waste generated in our operations is sorted at an early stage. Ash from the Toppila power plant is used as forest fertilizer and in land construction.