Environmental investments

In terms of the wellbeing of the environment the most important environmental actions are investments made to production systems that improve the treatment of flue gases, decrease dust emissions and make heat recovery more efficient.

Environmental investments mean long-term costs from the prevention, reduction or elimination of harmful environmental effects and the achieving of environmental impacts that are expected to benefit the environment or the company's environmental performance.

We have made considerable investments to the environment over the past few years:

  • We have prepared for the new, more stringent emission limits coming to effect in 2016 by building an SNCR system to decrease nitrogen oxide emissions in our Toppila 2 power plant. The system feeds ammonium to the combustion process and thus binds the nitrogen oxides. A new, more efficient electrostatic precipitator was also installed in Toppila 2 in summer 2014.
  • The Laanila eco power plant turns waste into energy and reduces the amount of landfill waste, methane emissions and odours. The plant started operation in 2012.
  • The new wood-based fuels terminal of the Toppila power plant enables us to increase the proportion of wood used at the power plant.
  • Ash from the Toppila power plant is used in land construction and as forest fertilizer.
  • Flue gas condensing systems are used to produce energy-efficient district heating power and reduce emissions in both Toppila and Laanila power plants.
  • Thanks to the extension of the fuel depot at the Toppila power plant and the efficient truck washing system, spreading of peat dust to the nearby areas is prevented in Toppila.
  • A fishway has been built to the Merikoski power plant, and the river delta is made more beautiful by fountains and light art.
  • Funds from the environmental account are used to support development, research and implementation of renewable energy solutions and environmental initiatives. The funds are collected in the form of an environmental surcharge included in green electricity contracts. Oulun Energia doubles the proceeds of the environmental surcharge by contributing an euro for every euro of environmental surcharge paid by the customer.