Environmental and quality management systems

At Oulun Energia, environmental and quality effort is part of everyday work. Certified quality, environmental and safety management systems used in different divisions of the group guarantee constant development and improvement of our operations. Thanks to our systematic safety work, no lost time incidents occurred in Oulun Energia group in 2014.

On the group level, the unit in charge of environment and quality is the Quality and Environmental Services unit. Its principal tasks are administration, follow-up, monitoring and reporting related to the group's environmentalal permits. It also manages all other environmental matters related to our power plants. The unit also supervises matters related to the auditing of our management systems and conducts internal inspections as required.

Systems and standards

Our energy production operations, including supplying of fuel, power generation and energy sales, are fully certified under the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System. Important elements of the system are identification of environmental impacts and reduction of harmful effects.

Other divisions of the group are certified under the ISO 9001 Quality Management System. The objective of the quality management system is to continuously improve our operations and customer satisfaction. In addition to the quality management and environmental certificates, Oulun Energia Siirto ja Jakelu Oy and Oulun Energia Urakointi Oy are certified under the OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Standard.

Constant improvement of operations

Certifications are not an end in themselves; instead, certified quality systems are instruments used for developing and improving our operations, and also have to be renewed time to time. They are the starting point for the actual, constant development work.

Dozens of action points with schedules and responsibilities are integrated into our environmental and quality management programs every year, and their progress is followed-up and monitored. Annual inspections and internal audits are used to confirm that the systems are uniform, functional and under continuous development. Within the next few years, all operations of the group will be covered by certified quality, environmental and safety management systems.