Environmental account

Customers who opt for green electricity participate in important environmental work. The Vihreävirta electricity contract include an environmental surcharge that is deposited to the environmental account.

The environmental surcharge included in Vihreävirta contracts is 0.015 €/kWh. In Tuulivirta contracts the environmental surcharge is 0.030 €/kWh. Oulu Energia contributes to the environmental effort by doubling each euro accumulated on the customer's environmental account.


A customer purchases 3 000 kWh of green Vihreävirta electricity during the year. Environmental surcharge is €4.50, which is deposited to the environmental account in full. Oulun Energia doubles the sum by paying another €4.50 to the environmental account. The total sum accumulated is 9 euros.

How the funds are used

How the funds accumulated on the environmental account are used is decided by the Northern Power Environmental Board. The funds are used to support initiatives such as:

  • Research, product development and implementation of projects focusing on renewable sources of energy.
  • Environmental actions.
  • Projects focusing on sustainable use and saving of energy.