9.9.2019 | Seppo Tuomi

Is your green electricity produced by using renewable sources of energy?

Green electricity is an environmentally friendly choice. How to ensure that the electricity you are buying is produced with renewable energy sources?Companies are able to decrease their carbon footprint and communicate to their customers about company’s...
5.9.2019 | Tarja Väyrynen

Merikoski fishway

Merikoski fishway, a well-known landmark in Oulu, provides a path for migrating fish to swim upriver from the sea past the Merikoski hydro power plant. From the migrating fish, especially salmon has attracted interest in public. In 2018, a record of 2...
5.9.2019 | Elina Mota

Questions and answers about electricity contracts

Are you about to make an electricity contract? Here are some common questions and answers to guide your way through the contract making process.1. When do I have to make an electricity contract?When moving to a new apartment, make an electricity contract...