Environmental and Social responsibility

Electricity and heat are an important part of our everyday lives. They are basic services without which we find it hard to get by. As a major energy group in Northern Finland our operations influence the everyday lives and wellbeing of the people of the region and help its companies maintain their competitive edge.

We shoulder social responsibility by producing and distributing locally produced energy reliably and in a sustainable way to meet the needs of the people and the businesses. Social responsibility is a whole consisting of regional, social and, increasingly, also global responsibility. Environmental actions and regional collaboration also play a key role.

Regional responsibility

Regional energy production guarantees competitive, reliable supply of energy to homes and companies of Northern Finland. It improves our energy security, makes the region more attractive to investors and gives companies opportunities for growth and development. Investments to locally produced energy improve the everyday lives of the inhabitants of Northern Finland.

We produce energy locally, together with the people of the region, in an open, responsible and sustainable way. 90% of the fuel we use in our energy production is sourced from within 100 kilometres from Oulu. Locally produced energy generates an annual income of almost €50 million to the region – to fuel producers, peat subcontractors, wood chip suppliers, forest owners, transportation companies, harvester operators and many others.

Social responsibility

As an employer we are responsible for the occupational safety and wellbeing of our personnel. One form of social responsibility is regional energy production, which provides employment directly and indirectly for more than 1,500 employees in Oulu and the surrounding region. As our fuel supply chain has no multinational corporations involved, the profit is channelled back to the region and we can make sure the entire delivery chain is sustainable and complies with all regulations.

We also provide dozens of students with summer trainee and diploma work opportunities. and introduce younger students to the energy industry during in-work training periods in collaboration with schools.

Global responsibility

Today, all companies must adapt their operations to the changing international sphere and global responsibility. The Kyoto Protocol and emissions trade affect all companies whit operations where carbon dioxide emissions are produced.

The objective of our energy efficiency commitments is to reduce the consumption of energy and phase in operational models and practices that make energy-efficiency a routine part of everyday life. Our quality and environmental management systems are integrated closely to our day-to-day operations.

Reduction of carbon dioxide emissions is a concrete target towards which we work by increasing the use of wood-based fuel in the Toppila power plant and by turning waste into energy in the Laanila eco power plant. Our investments to emission-neutral hydro power and active development of distributed generation are building blocks of low-carbon future. They are supported by our efforts to increase the utilisation of ash. To our customers we provide environmentally friendly electricity contracts and a free-of-charge energy consulting services.

Environmental initiatives and regional collaboration

Profitable environmental investments are social responsibility at its best. Our social responsibility effort also includes non-profit regional environmental investments and support of sports, arts, culture and initiatives focusing on children and teenagers in Northern Finland.