For students

The energy industry offers opportunities to students from various fields of study. During the student years the first opportunity is through trainee and diploma work positions, which we offer annually to dozens of students from different disciplines.

Take a look at our vacancies and career opportunities on our Careers page, where you can also submit your trainee or diploma work application. The search portal is only available in Finnish.

Vocational training

Excellent skills for positions in the energy industry can be obtained through:

  • Vocational qualification in electrical engineering
  • Vocational qualification in metalwork and machinery
  • Vocational qualification in building maintenance technology
  • Vocational qualification in business and administration

Job roles: electrician, meter technician, district heating technician, network technician, secretary, maintenance worker, process operator, laboratory worker, remote operator.


Apprenticeship combines in-work learning with theoretical studies in the schools of the region. Vocational qualifications, second-level vocational qualifications and specialist vocational qualifications may be acquired through apprenticeship training.

Qualifications: second-level vocational qualification in power plant operations, second-level vocational qualification in mechanical maintenance operations, second-level vocational qualification of electrical engineering, second-level vocational qualification in maintenance operations.

Universities and polytechnic schools

Finnish universities and polytechnic schools provide versatile training programmes applicable to the energy sector including the following:

  • Energy technology
  • Electrical engineering
  • HVAC engineering
  • Business and administration
  • Information processing science

Regardless of the degree, the energy industry values versatile combinations of studies and subjects, language skills, information technology skills and experience of international studies or of working abroad.

Job roles: service advisor, engineer, shift manager, chemical engineer, developer (construction), operations manager, sales manager, customer account manager, online service manager, controller, portfolio manager, director, sales director and environmental manager.