Subsidiaries and joint ventures

In addition to the parent company, Oulun Energia Oy, the group consists of the power sales company Oulun Sähkönmyynti Oy, the network operator Oulun Energia Siirto ja Jakelu Oy, the network construction company Oulun Energia Urakointi Oy, the peat producer Turveruukki Oy and Huoltovoima Oy. Oulun Energia is also a shareholder in various power companies.

The parent company is wholly owned by the city of Oulu, and the subsidiaries are wholly owned by the parent company – with the exception of the Oulun Sähkönmyynti Oy, of which Oulun Energia holds approximately 60.4% and other energy companies from Northern Finland the remainder.

Holdings of Oulun Energia Oy

Subsidiaries Percentage
Oulun Sähkönmyynti Oy 60.36%
Oulun Energia Siirto ja Jakelu Oy 100%
Oulun Energia Urakointi Oy 100%
Turveruukki Oy 100%
Huoltovoima Oy 100%
Joint ventures Percentage
EPV-Energia Oy 1.6%
Kolsin Voima Oy 22.5%
Lapin Sähkövoima Oy 2.7%
Pohjolan Voima Oy 1.0%
Power-Deriva Oy 10%
Suomen Energiavarat Oy 8.1%
Voimapato Oy 40%

Managing Directors of subsidiaries

E-mail addresses:

Tiina Lyyra

Oulun Sähkönmyynti Oy
Managing Director Tiina Lyyra
Tel. +358 40 770 9070

Oulun Energia Urakointi Oy
Managing Director Ilkka Koskela
Tel. +358 44 703 3630

Katja Virkkunen Oulun Energia Siirto ja Jakelu Oy
Managing Director Katja Virkkunen
Tel. +358 40 768 0107
Pertti Vanhala Turveruukki Oy
Managing Director Pertti Vanhala
Tel. +358 44 703 3701