Operative management

The companies of the Oulun Energia Group work together to achieve synergy benefits. They support each other on the operational level and adapt their activities to meet the needs of the group. This is done consistently in all companies of the group.

On the operative level, harmonious operations and procedures are supervised and monitored by the group's Executive Board under chairman Juhani Järvelä, the Managing Director of Oulun Energia Oy. The operations of the various business units are supervised by the Executive Customer Board, Board of Energy Directors and Board of Service Directors.

Executive Board (group level)

E-mail addresses: firstname.lastname@oulunenergia.fi

Juhani Järvelä

Oulun Energia Oy
Managing Director Juhani Järvelä
Tel. +358 44 703 3105

Sari Ukkola

Group services
Finance Director Sari Ukkola
Tel. +358 40 709 2828

Areas of responsibility: finance and administration

Pertti Vanhala

Energy Production
Business Director Pertti Vanhala
Tel. +358 44 703 3701

Areas of responsibility: fuels, power production, energy trade

Esko Ainasoja Oulun Energia Urakointi Oy
Managing Director Esko Ainasoja
Tel. +358 50 412 7460

Power plant project
Project Director Jukka Salovaara
Tel. +358 44 703 3600

Anna Passi

HR Manager Anna Passi
Tel. +358 40 543 2598

Extended Board of Directors

The Extended Board of Directors consists of the Board of Directors plus the following members:

Marko Lehto

Energy trade
Energy Trade Manager Marko Lehto
Tel. +358 44 703 3088

Quality and environment services
Director of Quality and Environment Tarja Väyrynen
Tel. +358 40 556 2434

New energy solutions
Development Manager Mikko Rasi
Tel. +358 50 560 8478

Security Manager Tuomo Räisänen
Tel. +358 50 443 2020