About us

Oulun Energia is a 100 % Finnish pioneer of the energy industry. We provide energy services and clean energy to make everyday life easier for homes, businesses and the society at large. We create brave new innovations in energy production, circulation economy and smart traffic. Our objective is 100% carbon neutrality in our own energy production already in the 2040s. We employ almost 400 professionals of the energy industry.

Oulun Energia is a modern corporate group that operates in the energy sector in Finland. Our operations cover entire value chain of the energy industry from production of raw materials to generation, sales and distribution of energy. We also produce a wide range of services such as smart energy services, network management, subcontracting and maintenance services. 

Oulun Energia Group moved ahead implementing its strategic policies in 2016, taking steps toward carbon-neutral energy production and improving its service business and services provided to customers further. At the same time, the underlying electricity and heat production operations were developed.

Oulun Energia aims to become gradually carbon-neutral by 2050. By that time the company will produce energy using renewable and distributed methods and causing no atmospheric carbon dioxide emissions - primarily using hydroelectric generation, solar power, wind power, geothermal energy and biomass, such as wood.

Our operations focus on the city of Oulu, the surrounding region and Finland in general. Company was established on 8 December 1889.

Key figures 2018

Net sales 288.6 M€
Operating profit 32.9 M€
Investments 60.3 M€
Net sales per employee 0.77 M€
Operating profit per employee 0.09 M€
Average number of employees 373


Electricity sales 139,00
Electricity distribution in own network 106,389
Dirstrict heat 10,303
Steam 1