Toppila power plant

Our combined heat and power plant in Toppila produces annual approximately 40% of our electricity and 90% of our district heat. The power plant consists of two power plant units and two stacks, both 130 metres tall.

As its fuel the Toppila power plant uses wood and peat from the surrounding region. Its primary fuel is peat, but the use of wood has increased considerably, and its proportion is 25 to 35% today.

Toppila 1

  • The plant was completed in 1977 and modernized in 1996. It uses fluidized bed combustion.
  • Produces electricity and district heat.
  • Fuel: peat and wood.
  • Fuel power 267 megawatts, electrical power 65 megawatts, thermal power 150 megawatts.

Preparations and planning for a new power plant unit to replace Toppila 1 have been started with the objective of the new power plant unit entering production for heating season 2020–2021. Read more about the power plant project.

Toppila 2

  • Tapped condensing power plant completed in 1995.
  • Produces electricity and heat (only electricity when operating as non-tapped condensing power plant).
  • Fuel: peat and wood.
  • Fuel power 315 megawatts, electrical power 120 megawatts, thermal power 170 megawatts.

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