Laanila eco power plant

The Laanila eco power plant turns waste into electricity and heat, diversifies our production structure and reduces the amount of landfill waste and gas emissions. In 2013, the eco power plant produced 19% of our heat capacity.

The waste-to-energy power plant uses approximately 140,000 tonnes of municipal and industrial waste sorted at origin per year. Half of this amount comes from the Oulu region, and the remainder from various sources across Northern and Eastern Finland. Municipal waste is mainly mixed combustible household waste. The waste is not treated prior to combustion. For waste sorting instructions please contact the waste management authority of your area.

The eco power plant, located in the Kemira industrial park, also produces steam used in Kemira's industrial processes and for generation of electricity and heat. The eco power plant is connected to Laanilan Voima Oy's nearby power plant owned jointly by Oulun Energia and Kemira. This power plant is mainly fuelled with peat and oil, but much of its capacity is substituted by the capacity of the eco power plant. The power plant is operated and maintained by Laanilan Voima.

The eco power plant: Key figures

  • An investment of €79 million, entered commercial operation in August 2012
  • Fuel: sorted waste, 140,000 tonnes per year
  • Fuel power: 47.9 MW
  • Maximum steam generation capacity: 16.3 kg/s
  • Waste bunker volume: approximately 9,000 m3
  • Smokestack height: 90 metres
  • Annual operating hours: 8,000

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