Bio power plant project

Preparations and planning of a new bio power plant unit to replace Toppila 1 have been started with the objective of the new power plant unit entering production for heating season 2020–2021.

A new heat and electricity unit is required because the capacity of the Toppila power plant is reduced considerably at 2020 when Toppila 1 reaches the end of its service life. The new power plant also enables us to diversify the selection of fuels and increase our use of recycled fuels. The primary energy source of the new plant is wood.

215 megawatt multi-fuel power plant to Laanila

We have got an environmental permit for a multi-fuel power plant of 215 megawatts to be built in the Laanila industrial park, where our eco power plant is also located.

The new power plant will operate under a multi-fuel principle using approximately 70% of wood and approximately 15% of recycled fuels and 15% of peat. The aim is for the boiler of the plant to be able to use various fuel combinations as required – even to run using only biofuels.

Substantial investment

The new power plant is one of the biggest investments in the Oulu region for a long time. The cost estimate of the power plant alone is approximately €200 million. The final decision to build the plant has been made in January 2018.