Farm Power producers

Farm Power, the winner of the Annual Ilmastoteko Climate Award 2014 is true local energy from Finnish small-scale producers. Farm Power electricity is generated using micro and small scale generating plants used principally for generating electricity for the producers' own needs. When generation capacity exceeds the producer's own demand, electricity is sold to the grid as Farm Power.

Producers of Farm Power electricity are committed to the use of renewable sources of energy, such as wood, hydro-electric power, wind power and solar power. The metering, calculation and tracking procedures used in the production of Farm Power are certified by external experts. Farm Power is certifiably clean local energy from a Finnish farm near you.

Alpuan kehitys ry, Alpua

*Currently sold out* The Alpua village school produces electricity and heat using a Volter micro plant fuelled with clean wood chips from the nearby woods, a by-product of the thinning of the commercial forest.

BioKymppi Oy, Kitee

*Currently sold out* BioKymppi Oy operates in Kitee, North Karelia, where it produces Farm Power electricity from biogas. The locally-owned power plant produces 100% Finnish renewable energy.

Eerin Rosenström, Kuhalankoski

Entrepreneur Eerin Rosenström produces Farm Power electricity using a hydro-electric power plant in the Kuhalankoski rapids of the Loimijoki river at a historical spinning mill site in downtown Forssa.
Fiskarsin Voima

Fiskarsin Voima, Raasepori

Fiskarin Voima produces Farm Power in the historical Valssaamonkoski power plant in the idyllic old Fiskars iron works in Raasepori.

Kiinteistö Oy Oulun Tarve, Kivikkokangas

The housing company Kiinteistö Oy Oulun Tarve produces Farm Power using a wood-chip-fuelled Volter micro power plant in the new Kivikkokangas suburb of Oulu.
Vakkolan voima

Vakkolan Voima, Askola

*Currently sold out* Vakkolan Voima's old hydro-electric power plant produces Farm Power electricity in two historically unique sites in the village of Vakkola in Askola and in the old Haapakoski iron works in Pieksämäki.
Farmivirta tuottaja Korvensuun sähkötehdas

Korvensuun sähkötehdas, Mynämäki

The Korvensuu power plant produces Farm Power electricity at the historical Korvensuu hydro-electric power plant in Laajoki, which is located in Southwest Finland, in the Korvensuu village of Mynämäki.