Terms of service

Welcome to the Oulun Energia Group website. Please read these terms and conditions before accessing the website.

Oulun Energia Group's general terms of service for online services

By accessing this website (henceforth referred to as "website") owned by Oulun Energia Group and its subsidiaries (henceforth jointly referred to as "Oulun Energia") the user accepts the following terms of service. No right to access the website is granted unless the user accepts the terms of service in their entirety.

The website may also include additional, service-specific terms and conditions which the user must accept to use the services in question, and which take precedence over the general terms of service specified herein.

Intellectual property rights

Right of ownership, copyright and other intellectual property rights to the website are the property of Oulun Energia or third parties. All material, including texts, product names, graphics, names, images, figures, drawings, logos, icons, videos, audio recordings and software published on the website are property of Oulun Energia, its shareholder companies and joint ventures, licensors and partners. Unless stated otherwise, all rights to content published on the website are reserved.

Accessing the website using a personal computer or other applicable device, storing content downloaded from the website on a personal computer and printing content downloaded from the website for private, non-commercial use is permitted. When citing data from the website the source must always be indicated. Using documents intended for general access in public communications is permitted, but the source of the information must be indicated.

Acceptable use and limitations of liability

The website (including all services therein) are provided "as is" without any representations or warranties. Oulun Energia has the right to alter website contents, functionality, these terms of service, availability and other properties of the website at any time.

Oulun Energia assumes no liability for damage to users or third parties caused by errors or deficiencies in the content of the website, or for any direct or indirect damage caused by use or interpretation of website content. Oulun Energia assumes no liability for suitability or applicability of website content for any specific purpose. Unless stated otherwise, information published on the website may not be construed as an offer, request, commitment or other obligation that binds Oulun Energia.

Oulun Energia assumes no liability for damage or loss caused by information system or data network malfunction or failure, malware, or for content of external websites and services created or published by third parties and linked from the website.

Data submitted by the user

The customer assumes liability for safe receipt of all communications sent via the website. Oulun Energia assumes no liability for the integrity or inalterability of communications sent via the website. The user has responsibility for not transmitting illegal or inappropriate content via the website. The user also has responsibility for ensuring using reasonable means that any content transmitted using the website contains no viruses, malware or other harmful content.

Oulun Energia has unlimited, free of charge right to process, copy, publish, distribute and remove any data submitted by the user via the website in original form or incorporated to other material for any commercial and non-commercial purpose to the extent permitted by the peremptory provisions of the Finnish law.

The confidentiality of e-mail messages sent in an open data network cannot be guaranteed. The customer accepts full responsibility for transmission of messages containing confidential data to Oulun Energia via unprotected e-mail. Oulun Energia has the right to send general information to an e-mail address specified by the customer at customer's request. Oulun Energia accepts no liability for disclosure of information sent using unprotected e-mail via a public network or any direct or indirect damage caused by such disclosure.

Oulun Energia accepts no liability for service interruptions or damage caused by technical malfunction, including data communications failure, information system malfunction, malware or other data security risk or violation. Oulun Energia does not guarantee continuous, uninterrupted availability of the website and services therein.

Personal data

Oulun Energia complies with all applicable personal data legislation. Descriptions of data files as required by the Personal Data Act are available on the website. Everyone has the right to access data on him/her in the personal data file as granted in the Personal Data Act.

Collecting of access data (cookies)

Oulun Energia reserves the right to collect website access data to improve service quality and functionality and for statistics and research purposes using cookies and other methods. Individual users cannot be identified from the access data.

Applicable law

These terms of service are governed by Finnish law.

Questions and remarks

Questions and remarks concerning these terms of service and feedback concerning the website can be submitted using the feedback form available on the energy account Energiatili.