Terms and privacy

Terms of service

The Terms of service page contains information about acceptable use of the website and limitations of the publisher's liability. It also contains copyright information and information on how data submitted by the users is processed.

Privacy policy

Description of customer data file provides information on how personal data is collected from our customers and how it is used. Description of marketing data file provides information on how data on potential customers is collected and how it is used when potential customers (for example) participate in competitions and prize draws.

Dispute settlement

In case of disputes that cannot be resolved through negotiations between contract parties, customers are entitled to take the matter to the Consumer Disputes Board (www.kuluttajariita.fi).

Before appealing to the Consumer Disputes Board customers are required to contact the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority's Consumer Advisory Service  (www.kuluttajaneuvonta.fi).

Privacy policy

The website (oulunenergia.fi) and all data entry forms on it are protected with HTTPS network connections. Communications are encrypted so that third parties cannot eavesdrop on confidential data. Supported browsers automatically use TLS encryption that is used to implement the HTTPS connections.

Use of cookies

This website (oulunenergia.fi) uses cookies and similar identification technologies to keep track of user actions on the website to improve service quality and website functionality and for statistics and research purposes. The data collected using the website cannot be used to identify individual users.

The user can prevent the use cookies and similar tracking technologies using browser settings. This may, however, have negative impact on website functionality.

Cookies in third party websites

In addition to the oulunenergia.fi website, cookies are used to improve the targeting of advertising on third party websites. Cookies are used to target our advertising to browsers used by users who are most likely to find our advertising interesting based on earlier online actions and other factors. Data on online user actions sourced from third parties may also be used for advertising purposes.