In case of service interruption

Interruptions of electricity and heat distribution always cause problems, and malfunctioning of one critical system may cause other systems to stop working. This page contains instructions you should follow in case of power or heat distribution problems. Service interruptions are usually short and cause no serious impact. Stay calm and wait. Do not call 112 to report a blackout or a heating failure.

If you see a damaged power line, power cables hanging low, a tree fallen on a power line or snapped power cables, report it to our fault service. Never touch the power cables or anything that touches them. Otherwise you may run the risk of a lethal electric shock. Stay away from the damaged power line and stand guard to make sure no people or animals go near it. Minimum safety distance is 20 metres.

Order our fault service messages

A text message/e-mail service that provides information about planned service interruptions in your area is available free of charge via the energy account Energiatili. You will also receive a message when normal service is restored. Please note that the service is available only in Finnish.

You can request the service for one or more sites, and, based on the site's address, choose which messages you wish to receive, which channels (text message or e-mail) you wish to use and the times you wish to receive messages. The service is available for customers in Oulun Energia's district heating network and Oulun Energia Siirto ja Jakelu Oy's power distribution network.

Subscribe to the fault service messages by signing in to your energy account.

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What is the extent of the power or heat distribution problem?

If only your apartment is affected, check the fuses. If only heating is affected, check the incoming water temperature in the heat distribution room. If the water temperature is normal, there is probably something wrong with your heat distribution system. If the water temperature is too low, the mud trap might be blocked or there could be something wrong with the district heating network in your area.

If the entire neighbourhood is without electricity or heating, it is very likely that we already know about it through our own alarm systems. In this case please co-ordinate with your neighbours who calls our fault sercvice number to avoid congesting the service.

Report the problem

If you cannot find the information you are looking for in our outage map or in our fault releases (in Finnish), you can call our fault service number. If you live in a block of flats or a terraced house, first contact your property maintenance service or the property supervisor.

Always report urgent problems and situations that may cause danger to health and safety by telephone. If you see streetlight cables hanging to the ground, an access door of a pylon open or that a tree has fallen on a power line, call the fault service number immediately. In case of sudden equipment failure or acute heat distribution problem you can call our district heating fault service at all hours.

  • Power network faults, tel. 08 5584 3222
  • District heating network faults, tel. 08 5584 3425