New joint ventures

Oulun Sähkönmyynti Oy joins Oomi Oy in 1.4.! Oomi offers electricity contracts, solar panel solutions and different solutions for charging electric cars. You can read more at (in Finnish).

Are you already a customer? Don’t worry, the change does not require any action from you. Your contract will continue unchanged. Same familiar salespersons and customer service professionals will help you in the future.

Read more about Oomi (in Finnish)

New joint ventures start operating 1.4.

Oulun Energia and Oulun Sähkönmyynti are combining their electricity and service business activities with five other energy companies. The new joint ventures offer electricity sales and services. Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions about new joint ventures.

Why are the new joint ventures established?

Oulun Seudun Sähkö, Lahti Energia, Vantaan Energia, Pori Energia and Oulun Sähkönmyynti Oy and its stakeholders Oulun Energia, Tornion Energia, Haukiputaan Sähköosuuskunta, Raahen Energia, Rantakairan Sähkö and Tenergia are combining their electricity sales and services businesses.

We want to offer our customers supreme customer experience and competitive price by starting the new joint ventures. New ventures are planned to start operating 1.4.2020. Business activities moving to new companies are electricity retail, solar electricity services, electric traffic services and services including customer service and billing.

Finland’s electricity sales market is very competitive and multipolar. All six of the companies moving into the new sales and services ventures have long and stable experience and strong local knowledge of Finland’s electricity sales market. With these new joint ventures, we will be more able to compete. This assures that we can offer new products and services and an excellent customer experience to our current customers as well as our new customers throughout the country.

Our goal is to become Finland’s biggest electricity sales company by growing the number of our customers and share of ownership.

Does the upcoming change affect my contract?

The change does not affect your contract. If you have made a fixed-term contract with us, it will continue normally until the end of set time period. We will inform of all possible changes to your open-ended contract 30 days before the change, same way as we currently do.

Will the change increase prices?

Your electricity contract will continue normally with the same terms in the new sales company. The change does not require any actions from you. Our goal is to keep prices competitive.

What happens to services, will I get customer service in the future?

Customers of the sales company will be served in the new service company. All customer services will be concentrated. By concentrating our resources, we assure the best service for our customers.

Will this affect prices of district heating? What happens to the power network services?

We continue to produce and sell district heating. We also continue to produce electricity and to manage our power network. The new joint ventures will not affect these functions or their pricing. Power network companies will serve all customers with equal terms, which means that the change does not affect pricing of the power network services.

Will you continue to be a responsible company in the future?

We will continue to consider the three aspects of responsibility in the future:

  • Economical responsibility: Profitable business, which creates a fundament for development
  • Considering stakeholders: Social aspect, whereby we function from the customers perspective
  • Environmental responsibility: Taking care of clean nature and environment.