About moving house

Q: I am moving to a new home and need an electricity contract. What should I do?
A: To make sure you have power in your new home when moving in, you should make an electricity contract approximately two weeks beforehand. You can make the contract easily via your energy account. If you have less than five days before moving in, call our customer service sooner rather than later.

Q: I have moved in to my new home but I forgot to make an electricity contract. What should I do?
A: Call our customer service as soon as possible to get an electricity contract. Be prepared to move in without electricity, or to lose power unexpectedly. Network companies are required to cut off power from apartments with no valid electricity contract. If the power has been cut, it can usually be restored during the next working day after you have made an electricity contract. Restoring the power quicker than this is subject to a separate charge by your local power distribution network company.

Q: I have bought a detached house and I am moving in. Do I need anything else besides an electricity contract?
A: Yes. When buying or selling properties you should keep in mind that electricity and district heating contracts are considered movable assets and are not automatically transferred to the new owner. In case the contracts are to be transferred, a mention of this must be made in the contract of sale. Electricity and district heating contracts cannot be transferred from the previous owner to you without a valid written authorisation. If the contracts are not transferred, you may need to make a new contract and pay a connection fee.

Documents that are considered valid proof of authorisation include transfer deed, a copy of the deed of sale and purchase, proof of partition of the joint estate of spouses, or an estate inventory where it is specified that the property shall be transferred to a new owner. Let us know of the transfer as soon as possible so that we can transfer the contracts to the new owner without delay.