About customer benefits

This page contains answers to frequently asked questions about customer benefits. If you cannot find the information you are looking for here, please contact us by e-mail at etuasiakas@pohjoistavoimaa.fi. We will find the answer for you and get in touch as soon as possible.

Q: Are the customer benefits really free of charge?
A: Yes, the customer benefits are completely free of charge. Please note, however, that when the customer benefits are updated on your mobile card, your mobile telephone operator will charge you for data transfer according to your mobile data subscription.

Q: What is the mobile customer card?
A: Your virtual customer card is part of the Northern Power mobile application that you can also use to track your electricity consumption, contact our customer service, request electricity offers and keep up to date on all customer benefits, campaigns and special events. You can access your mobile customer card after signing in to the application with your energy account username.

Q: Which mobile telephones the Northern Power mobile application supports?
A: You can download the Northern Power mobile application free of charge from your app store. The application is available for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

Q: I do not have a compatible mobile telephone. Can I still enjoy the customer benefits?
A: Yes. You can request a physical customer card using your energy account or get one from our customer service desk.

Q: My electricity contract with Oulun Sähkönmyynti is ending – will my customer benefits end too?
A: Yes. Your customer benefits end when your electricity contract ends. You don't have to take any action – your customer benefit account will be closed automatically.

Q: I am a power distribution network (electricity transfer) customer. Am I entitled to the customer benefits?
A: The Northern Power customer benefit program is exclusive to customers who have an electricity contract with Oulun Sähkönmyynti. You can enjoy the customer benefits by making an electricity contract with us.

Q: Can I have another card for a family member?
A: By default, the customer benefit card is mailed to the person in whose name the contract is made. You can request a parallel card by e-mail at etuasiakas@pohjoistavoimaa.fi or via your energy account Energiatili.