About billing

Q: Why do the sums of my electricity bills vary so much?
A: Almost every home in Finland has an electricity meter that meters consumption down to the hour and has remote reading capacity. Thanks to remote reading, power consumption figures are no longer estimates but are based on actual consumption. In the wintertime more electricity is usually consumed than during the summer, which is why the electricity bills are also higher.

You can prepare for the wintertime costs by, for example, opening a separate electricity bill account where you deposit a certain sum every month. If you have problems paying your bill please contact our customer service before the due date of your bill to negotiate a payment schedule.

Q: Why is my district heating bill higher in the winter than in the summer?
A: District heating bills are now also based on remote reading and actual consumption data. How high the bills are varies by consumption – just like electricity bills. During the heating season the bills are naturally higher than in the summer, when district heating is usually only used to heat domestic water.

Q: I have lost my bill. What should I do?
A: You can check your bill via your energy account or by calling the customer service.

Q: How can I get an electronic bill instead of a paper bill?
A: You can make an e-invoice contract in your own electronic banking service. Select e-invoice when you pay your next paper invoice, and you will receive the bills directly in your electronic banking service. For making an e-invoicing contract you need your customer number from your electricity or district heating bill and your invoice contract number.

Q: I am unable to pay my bill by the due date.
A: Contact our customer service before the due date. Let's see what we can do.

Q: Why do I receive two electricity bills?
A: Your electricity bill consists of the price of the electric power you use and the power distribution network fees, in other words the price of transferring the electricity to you. Because your electricity provider and your local power distribution network company may not be the same company, you receive two electricity bills. You receive a bill for the electric power that you use from your electricity provider, and an invoice for transferring of the electricity to your property from your local power distribution network company.

If you have an electricity contract with us and live in an area with power network services provided by a Northern Power network company, in other words in Oulu (with the exception of Oulunsalo and Ylikiiminki), Raahe, Simo, Kemi, Keminmaa, Tornio or Tervola, we send you a combined electricity bill with a breakdown of network costs and power costs.

Q: When will I receive my next electricity bill?
A: You can check the estimated due date of your next electricity bill from your latest bill. You also choose the due date of your next bill to match your pay day, for example. The due date can be the 5th, the 15th, the 20th or the last day of the month. You can also change the number of invoices you wish to receive per year. You can change the due date or the invoice interval via the energy account Energiatili, or by contacting our customer support.

Q: How is the average price that is reported in the electricity bill calculated?
A: The simplest method to calculate the average price is to divide the sum of the bill with the amount of electrical energy consumed. Average price varies by consumption; for customers who use very little electricity it is higher than for customers who consume a lot of electric power.

If the amount of electric power on your electricity bill is 450 kWh, your monthly base fee is €3.50 and the price of electric power is €0.051/kWh, the average price is: (3.50 € + (450 kWh x 0.051 €/kWh)) / 450 kWh = 0.059 €/kWh.